Meet the winner of our first Operation Better Bra Fit

For so many women their bra fit journey isn't only physical but psychological. Years of unsupportive, ill fitting, unattractive bras have resulted in a distaste toward bra shopping and a lack of self confidence.
At Cheek.y we understand this, making it our goal to ensure that we provide the best fit possible in beautiful bras up to a US O cup. Meet the winner of our first Operation Better Bra Fit, who went from a 44DD (left) to 36K (right), here is her story:
"I have struggled with big breasts from primary school and always had an issue finding a bra that fitted perfectly and gave great support. I had bras that left marks on my shoulders, have breast spillage on the sides, for great support I would have to wear a sports bra, wires would break and poke me either by my arms or under my breast. It has been an irritating journey especially not finding bras my size that look sexy. Everyone loves big breasts but those who don't know the struggle behind finding the perfect fitting bra don't understand what we go through". #fitbetter #shopcheeky #betterbraboutique #changingbraschanginglives