Gift Wrapping
A gift as wonderful as one from Cheek.y deserves to be wrapped in something equally as special. Cheek.y's signature gift wrapping will make any present perfect.
Cost: $5.00, or free if the value of the wrapped items total $100 or more.
Preorder and be rewarded! We know that you love our products and would like to wear them immediately, but opting to receive your intimates at a later date can save you 10%. 
To Preorder:
Check with a Cheek.y representative to confirm that the item is available for preordering.
A 50% down payment is required for all pre-orders. Once items have arrived in store, you will receive notification using your preferred contact method (telephone or e-mail). Once notification has been sent, you will have 30 days to collect your purchase and remit the balance of the payment. Items which have not been collected in 30 days will be placed in Cheek.y's inventory and your deposit will be forfeited.
Discrete Delivery
We would be more than happy to deliver your special item to you. Our discrete packaging ensures that only the receiver of the item knows what’s inside.
Private Shopping Sessions and Event Hosting
Like every woman is different, every event should be tailored to ensure that it is unforgettable. Contact us to discuss the details of your special event.
Gift Cards
We totally understand that finding the right items for someone else may not always be easy. Giving a Cheek.y gift card, however, ensures that you give a gift that will always fit!